The windless summer seemed to turn overnight into cold, blustery, gusty days. This week began with shorts and tank tops and is ending with three pairs of pants and four sweaters. Tea consumption has skyrocketed and no one even mentions the frozen yogurt place, even though we are in Poughkeepsie.


We have been fighting the weather all week. And sometimes, that means that we don’t go sailing. It’s ok though. We turned a few of our sails into dockside extravaganzas. Although the adventurer in me is frustrated, the educator in me is thrilled because in these conditions, so much more can be learned dockside. We still get to experience the river and the boat, but without concerns of materials flying overboard or spray shooting over the bow and soaking the students. We can even do cool things like look over the stern at the rudder or give students a tour of the engine room and bosun’s locker – places that are off limits while underway.

And after the program is over and we need to transit, we are reassured of our dockside decisions…