I Found my College Essay

Every so often, I look through old things. Today’s discovery was my college application essay, written soon after the Summer That Changed the Course of my Life. Like many people in the Clearwater family, I started as a week-long volunteer…and never looked back. Here is the essay’s ending:

“During my grand journey up the River, I also learned the history of Pete Seeger, his mission to clean up the formerly toxic Hudson River and how he started the Clearwater Organization.  His success story of grassroots activism shows that if you really believe in something and work hard to achieve it, change can happen.  I have always known that I want to be part of local movements, but that week, I realized that it is possible for me to make a difference within one of these movements.  This is what I thought of, when on the last day of my adventure, I proudly went swimming in that beautiful, healthy River.”

Now I am lucky enough to still be a part of this movement and community, and as onboard educator, in a position to help hundreds of children and adults find their fit in Clearwater and discover the magic of the Hudson River as I did.

Caitlin at 17

 Caitlin at 17. Not much has changed.


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