Sunset Seine

Sunset seining in Cold Spring


The end of my education internship is quickly approaching. The Great Hudson River Revival, Clearwater’s annual festival, is next weekend and my last education sails are this week. I find myself already missing the good sloop Clearwater! It is without a doubt these last few weeks will be memorable. While docked at Cold Spring, we woke up with Storm King Mountain and Breakneck Ridge off our bow and West Point sitting above our stern. It was a beautiful sight during morning deck wash, watching the clouds roll off the mountains. During our stay in Cold Spring the fearless volunteers, apprentices and educators went purse seining as the sun was setting. We caught some white perch, banded killifish, tessellated darters, and mummichugs. A few select fish stayed in our onboard fish tank and were featured during our life station on our education sails. The life station is one of my favorite stations because participants are always surprised by the diversity, productivity and life in the Hudson River!

Fair Winds,



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