Let’s Look at Cool Things

The best part about teaching on the river are the constant surprises and distractions that the Hudson has to offer. No two sails are alike because we never know what the lands and waters have in store for us that day.

Sometimes, in the middle of a trawl talk, we go by the Rondout Light House and need a moment to take it in.


Photo: Grace Ballou

Other times, not one, but TWO tugs are transporting a piece of the new Tappan Zee southward.


Photo: Jim Roy

When you are at West Point, sometimes the cadets practice repelling out of helicopters.

Photo: Sophia McCloy

Photo: Sophia McCloy

More and more frequently, we pause activities to look at a bald eagle soaring overhead.

Photo: Bob Rightmyer

Photo: Bob Rightmyer

All of these things take our planned activities somewhere new – we talk about how people today still rely on things transported by the river, the history of different peoples on the river, how the eagle was almost gone from here but is coming back, stronger than ever. All these threads together create the complex and beautiful story of the Hudson River.


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