A Farewell Song

The lovely Peter joined us for the month of May all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark! In the twenty minutes before he caught the train to begin his journey back to Europe, Peter wrote this song.

Peter is the tall one.

Peter is the tall one.

When the last line is cast and the Clearwater sets its sail,
the freight train saluted on its way across the rails.
As the main sail goes up we salute the Mid Hudson Bridge,
singing so loud they will hear us from the Catskill Ridge.

Am – C G / C G C Am / Am – C G / C G C Am

So come up all ye sailor kids and sing along with me,
this song that we are singing will blow us to the sea.

The songs of the Clearwater shall spread this spirit ’round.
Hogchokers and copepods in our nets will be found.
We are riding on the River’s ebbing tide,
tacking along the river side to side.


Steering on the tiller at the captain’s commands,
Watching for the weather as we’re passing the Highlands.
The winds are wifty-wafty, but our jib tender’s awake,
we are making all this happen for the Hudson River’s sake.



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